POD-NMD Physiotherapy Assessment

Introduction to LGMD

This section includes details of how LGMD presents and its progressive nature. How this varies across the different subtypes and the mani areas where therapy is of benefit to this group.

Some audio guided slide decks and reference resources are available for download; you will find these in the 'Files' menu tab.

Learners who complete 70% of the course content can achieve a CPD certificate.
  • LGMD, How it presents -Audio Guided Slides (17 mins)
  • LGMD, How it presents -Audio Guided Presentation Slides
  • Introduction to LGMD, Management and the future of treatment Podcast (30 mins)
  • Living with LGMD 2B -Patient Perspective Podcast (26 mins)
  • References related to LGMD useful for therapists
  • Reference list for therapists for starters
  • Validation of the NSAD; James M; 2022
  • Community exercise for NMD and can improve aerobic capacity;Wallace A; 2019
  • Assessing Dysferlinopathy Patients Over Three Years With a New Motor Scale; 2020
  • Teenage exercise is associated with earlier symptom onset in dysferlin 2018
  • The Relationship of PROMS With Functional Status in Dysferlin; Mayhew 2022
  • PDF of overview of features of LGMD
  • Survey
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete 70.00% of the content